Welcome to Community Garden Volunteering!


This brief intro to volunteering is meant for you to go over prior to your first gardening experience. This will allow you and the garden staff to get the most out of your time at the garden. Volunteering in a community garden is a great way to give back to your community while learning about gardening at the same time. If you are considering starting a community garden at some point, volunteering is an excellent way to be sure it is something you truly want to pursue before you invest a lot of time and energy in obtaining and starting a garden.

Community Gardens Group Volunteers

We are always looking for groups to help out in community gardens! If you have a group who is interested please email us.

Community Gardens Individual Volunteers

Community gardens individual volunteers: Community Gardens always need dedicated volunteers to help in gardens! No garden experience is required to volunteer in a community garden. 


Choosing the Right Garden for You!

  1. Think about the type of garden you would like to volunteer in. An overview of the different types of gardens in Houston can be found here: http://urbanharvest.org/typesofgardens

    1. In general:

    • Donation gardens typically need the most volunteers.

    • Schools will generally require background checks for volunteers.

    • Typically, donation, neighborhood, and school gardens do not allow you to grow or harvest your own produce. 
  2. Look up the gardens closest to you by using the Urban Harvest Affiliate Garden Map at: http://urbanharvest.org/alphabetical-listing

  3. Choose gardens that are in convenient locations. You are more likely to be committed if it is easy to get to! You may even want to drive by the location to make sure the garden is active and convenient. Many of the gardens list their workdays on the map.

  4. Contact the garden directly using the information listed under each garden on the map. You may want to contact more than one garden. Some things to include in your e-mail are:

  • A short introduction of yourself including previous garden experience.

  • Be clear about what you want to get out of your volunteer experience. This helps the garden coordinator know if the garden is a good fit!

  • Please be very clear about your time commitment. Many gardens are looking for long-term volunteers.

  • Ask about potential volunteer opportunities in terms of dates, times, activities, and what you should wear and/or bring.

  • Please inform them of any physical restrictions or limitations you may have so they can accommodate you ahead of time.

  • Note: Garden coordinators are almost always volunteers, also - so don't expect an immediate response.

Feel free to contact the Community Gardens Coordinator with any further questions or assistance.
Dawn Newcomer
Direct Line:832-742-8574