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Listed in the map below are community and school gardens apart of the Urban Harvest network. If you are interested in volunteering or visiting a garden you can search by zip code or type of garden. By clicking on a marker a pop up window will be displayed with contact information for the garden coordinator.

Interested in volunteering as a group?

Community gardens always need volunteers! If you have a group of people interested in volunteering please email us.

To learn more about the types community gardens in the Houston area, click here. 


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See where Community Gardens are in your area! Check out our Garden Directory and Map


Interested in becoming an affiliate garden? Learn more about how to get involved with our Community Gardens Program.


Our Hub Distributions provide free transplants, materials, and education to affiliate gardens. Find out about our upcoming Hub Distribution.


The Adopt-a-Garden Program brings together your garden, a community partner, and Urban Harvest volunteers and representatives for three large-scale volunteer projects and exciting hands-on demonstrations throughout the year. Learn more about the Adopt-a-Garden Program.