WNWN 08.11.18

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Waste Not, Want Not....Bokashi and Vermicomposting

Stop throwing your food scraps in the trash. Come learn the how tos and the benefits of bokashi and vermicomposting. Physical limitations, space limitations, deed restrictions – any number of things may limit a gardener’s ability to compost in bins or piles. However, ANY gardener or homeowner can practice bokashi and vermicomposting. Bokashi composting uses kitchen scraps of all kinds, including meat and dairy products, mixed with inoculated bran to make compost faster than bin composting. Vermicomposting uses composting worms to recycle kitchen, garden, and specific paper wastes. The worms turn the waste into worm castings that are nutrient rich. Class is hosted by University of Houston/Downtown. There are no refunds on classes.

Venue   Indoor
StartDate   08/11/2018
StartTime   9:30 am
EndDate   08/11/2018
EndTime   11:30 am
Instructors   Angela Chandler
InstructorsBio   Angela Chandler is a life-long hobby gardener. Angela holds Specialist Certifications in Plant Propagation, Entomology, Rainwater Harvesting, and Greenhouse Management. She enjoys teaching a variety of garden subjects and she blogs regularly on her site She tends a 1 acre garden in Highlands, Texas that includes vegetables, fruits, herbs, ornamentals and a small home nursery. With her husband, Fred, she manages a flock of chickens, a pair of goats, and organically manages her beehives.
Location   University of Houston, Downtown, Room A409
Address   201 Girard Street, Houston, TX 77002
Directions   The entrance into the visitor parking garage is off Girard Street on the northwest corner of the campus. Upon entering the parking garage, press the button to receive an entry ticket. Parking is $8.00, except for those attending the class will have their ticket validated. Follow the signage into the building and to the classroom.

Price $30.00