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Designing Our Green Homes and Communities Through Permaculture (Series)

Sustainable Living Through Permaculture 1 & 2 are prerequisites for any part of this module. In a world of climate change threats and unstable oil producing regions, it is essential that our homes and communities change to become more energy efficient. This course helps us get there. Designing Our Green Homes and Communities is one of five modules in the permaculture design certificate course, and is open to anyone who has completed Module 1: Sustainable Living Through Permaculture Classes 1 and 2. No city planning, engineering or architectural knowledge is assumed. #1 Sat, Feb 3, 9:30am - 1:30pm; Univ of Hou (Smart Communities) #2 Sun, Feb 4, 1pm - 5pm; Tour of Houses (Urban Ecohouse Tours) #3 Sun, Feb 11, 12 - 4pm; Japhet Creek(The Urban Ecohouse) #4 Sun, Feb 18, 12 - 4pm Univ of Hou (Bioregional Organizing) #5 Sun, Feb 25, 12 - 4pm Japhet Creek (Renewable Energy and Natural Building) #6 Sun, March 4, 10:00am - 5pm Animal Farm (Hands on Renewable Energy & Natural Building) #7 Sun, March 11, 10 am - 4pm Japhet Creek (Tomorrow's Ecovillages & Sustainable Comm) There are no refunds on classes.

Venue   Both
StartDate   02/03/2018
StartTime   see description
EndDate   03/11/2018
EndTime   see description
Instructors   Permaculture Guild of Houston
InstructorsBio   The Permaculture Guild of Houston is a group of people who have completed approximately 100 hours of Permaculture classes to become Certified Permaculture Designers.
Location   University of Houston, Central Campus, Charles McElhinney Hall, Room 108
Address   (Approximate) 3601 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77004
Directions   I-45 S, exit Cullen, go south, enter University of Houston campus, proceed through Elgin, Holman, Entrance 14 and Entrance 13, Cougar Village, turn left at Wheeler, take first right into driveway - park to the left of Lot 9C(although it says permit required, we have permission) Follow Urban Harvest signs back to Wheeler at Cullen. Walk north along Cullen, pass entrance13 Cougar Village and follow the Urban Harvest signs to the classroom

Price $305.00