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Fruit Tree Training and Pruning (SERIES of 3 Classes)

This series consists of three classes that will start with a two and a half hour lecture style class designed to teach you the principles of pruning and training your fruit trees. The following two classes will be held at a private home orchard and will teach you to prune all of the basic fruits that grow in the Houston and surrounding areas. Since classes 2 and 3 are taught outside you will need to dress appropriately for the weather. Class 1 is a classroom talk and photo demo on basic ideas such as: pruning tools and equipment, proper cutting techniques, timing, how to plan each trees' effort, and the many goals of fruit pruning for both young and mature plants. As time permits, the class will explain details about training and pruning the commonly grown fruits. Class 2 and 3 are in the instructor's backyard orchard, using what was discussed in Class 1 to study their application to particular fruits. Class 1 is a prerequisite. Class 2 explains pears, apples, berries, peaches and plums by demonstrating on specific plants what should be done. Class 3 continues with persimmons, grapes, citrus, pomegranates, figs, and as time permits other semi-tropicals. 02/10/18 - Class 1: Indoor Lecture, University of St. Thomas 02/17/18 - Class 2: Outdoor, at a Private Residence, 610 West Loop/Stella Link 02/24/18 - Class 3: Outdoor, at a Private Residence, 610 West Loop/Stella Link

Venue   Both
StartDate   02/10/2018
StartTime   10:00 am
EndDate   02/10/2018
EndTime   12:30 pm
Instructors   Bob Randall, PhD
InstructorsBio   Dr. Bob Randall is the author of Year Round Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers for Metro-Houston, 12th edition. He was one of eight Urban Harvest Cofounders in 1994, and retired in 2008 after 21 years heading Houston’s community gardening programs. Bob has been an avid gardener for 50 years. He has used permaculture for 30 years and became a certified permaculture designer in 1996.
Location   class 1 - University of St. Thomas, Strake Hall, Room 106
Address   3800 Montrose Blvd. Houston, TX 77006
Directions   Parking available in Moran Garage (campus map: #26), corner of West Alabama and Graustark Street; there may be a $2 charge. Street parking is also available, observe parking signs. There are parking lots at the corner of West Alabama and Yoakum and Branard and Montrose.

Price $90.00