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Gardening 101 for Teaching in the Outdoor Classroom Workshop

In this 3 hour workshop, participants will learn gardening basics and garden nutrition education. The first half includes gardening 101 with hands-on planting demonstrations and tips for growing vegetables. Chef Nadia Ahmed of the Green Roots Kitchen will provide a cooking lesson featuring a delicious, seasonal recipes featuring cool weather greens and sweet potatoes. Tastings, Lessons, Free Seeds and transplants. Teachers, students age 8+, parents & community volunteers are welcome! Teachers earn 3 CPE hours per workshop. FREE/Space is limited, Registration required Held in partnership with Blackshear Elementary Sponsored by: HEB and Kinder Foundation

Venue   Both
Credits   3CPE
StartDate   10/27/2018
StartTime   9:00am
EndDate   10/27/2018
EndTime   12:00 noon
Instructors   Urban Harvest Gardening Educators
InstructorsBio   Urban Harvest gardening educators
Location   Blackshear Elementary
Address   2900 Holman St, Houston, TX 77004

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