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SSG#1 07.15.17

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Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening is a simple method for planting seeds in a specific way in a raised bed garden. You will learn alternative methods for making a raised bed, what soils and augmentations to utilize, and then specific planting methodologies which will allow you to maximize your garden's productivity in a small space. This class may be purchased as part of the small space class package or separately. There are no refunds on classes.

Venue   Indoor
Credits   CPE/CPEH
StartDate   07/15/2017
StartTime   9:30am
EndDate   07/15/2017
EndTime   11:30am
Instructors   Angela Chandler
InstructorsBio   Angela Chandler is a life-long hobby gardener. Angela holds Specialist Certifications in Plant Propagation, Entomology, Rainwater Harvesting, and Greenhouse Management. She enjoys teaching a variety of garden subjects. and she blogs regularly on her site thegardenacademy.com. She tends a 1 acre garden in Highlands, Texas that includes vegetables, fruits, herbs, ornamentals and a small home nursery. With her husband, Fred, she manages a flock of chickens, a pair of goats, and organically manages her beehives.
Location   To Be Determined
Address   TBD

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