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Permaculture Design Certification Tutorial/Graduation

This module is for students who have completed the other four permaculture modules. Students will meet with permaculture graduates (mentors) to discuss their design project. Students will work on their own with guidance from one or more mentors to prepare a design of a permaculture project on a topic of the student’s choosing. The students will present their design project, eat a celebratory lunch together and then the graduates receive their PC Design certificates from PINA (Permaculture Institute of North America).

Venue   Indoor
StartDate   05/14/2018
StartTime   7:00pm
EndDate   05/14/2018
EndTime   8:30pm
Instructors   Permaculture Guild of Houston
InstructorsBio   The Permaculture Guild of Houston is a group of people who have completed approximately 100 hours of Permaculture classes to become Certified Permaculture Designers.
Location   Private Residence: Near Hillcroft and West Bellfort

Price $50.00