Convenience Vs. Nutrition: Breakfast Fights Back

Breakfast needs to be rescued from the empire that is convenience food. Good news: fresh fruit acts as superhero and saves the day.

In our current fast-paced society, eating healthy and eating conveniently are for the most part separate ideas. The word convenience usually connotes an image of a frozen breakfast pastry whereas the word healthy can arouse images of a laborious preparation and a non appetizing result.

How about a way to have your healthy breakfast food and it eat too (conveniently and deliciously, I might add)? The Annual Urban Harvest Fruit Tree Sale can help. With relatively low prices, minimal input and high yields, fruit trees also offer the best of both the healthy and the convenient world.

Craving something sweet or citrusy? Walk to your backyard and pluck an apple or an orange from your very own fruit tree. Gone are the days of the over-processed and under-nutritious breakfast "foods." No more "yogurt that doesn't look like yogurt because it's in a tube and it's a neon blue color." Bring your diet back to the basics – fruit in its whole form- and experience an improvement in taste, health and efficiency.

There are many delectable options for fruit-centric breakfast dishes. Mix cut up fruit in a pancake batter or sprinkle it on top of yogurt, granola or cereal. The easiest and quickest way to eat your fruit in the morning is to of course enjoy it whole. Fresh fruit supplements any breakfast item with full flavors and high nutritional content. Bright colors, when natural (this excludes the neon blue yogurt previously mentioned) are a sign of nutrition.

So trade in that foil-wrapped, unnatural looking breakfast item for something that is delicious, nutritious, colorful and convenient: fresh fruit. Hastings leads Urban Harvest in replenishing 'food deserts'

Hastings leads Urban Harvest in replenishing ‘food deserts’Learn more about how you can start your own community garden!  “We are a large city with lots of available land, weather for growing year-round, and a network of strong organizations, such as Urban Harvest, and teachers who can assist new gardeners and farmers. Urban Harvest is at the forefront of creating long-term, lasting partnerships that benefit neighborhoods and communities,” she concluded.


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