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Garden Projects Realized During Earth Day Workday 2017

Through the efforts of over 100 volunteers, Earth Day Workday 2017 saw the completion of many large-scale projects at eight area community gardens. Over 94,500 pounds of soil and mulch were spread, and over 6,000 square feet of garden beds and pathways were restored.

Together, our volunteers put in over 400 combined hours of work furthering the efforts of healthy eating and sustainability in the city of Houston.

Thanks to this year's financial supporters Sysco, Williams, NRG and Snooze, as well as our in-kind supporters Whole Foods, Living Earth, and The Ground Up.


1. Tiny Mushrooms Garden

A small, neighborhood garden in the Heights, Tiny Mushrooms was in need of rehabilitation. Thanks to a team from Williams and to individual volunteers, the garden's 3'x8' raised beds, which had decayed over time, were rebuilt.


2. Beauty's Garden

Beauty's Garden provides fresh produce and education to members of the Independence Heights community, a food desert. Thanks to a team from Gensler and individual volunteers, the entire garden was weeded and mulched. A drip irrigation system was installed and many plants were planted.


3. Christian Community Service Center (CCSC)

Located in Sharpstown, CCSC provides over 9,000 pounds of fresh produce annually to its clients, who are food insecure or are in crisis due to joblessness, medical limitations and emergency situations. Thanks to a team from Vertskebap and individual volunteers, 2,700 square feet of weed barrier and mulch were laid.


4. Alabama Garden

Houston's first community garden, Alabama Garden is a vibrant, thriving garden in Houston's Third Ward. Originally started to feed elderly neighbors who were going hungry, the garden now provides produce to community centers serving the Third Ward. Thanks to teams from Goode Company and Gensler and individual volunteers, the garden received a thorough clean-up.


6. Harry Holmes Healthy Harvest Garden

Founded in 2012 by Urban Harvest, the garden supports 14 garden beds growing nutritious fruits and vegetables for the gardeners and the Sunnyside community, Houston's largest food desert. Thanks to a team from Macy's, the garden received a thorough clean-up.


7. Gregory Lincoln Education Center

The site of Urban Harvest's premier teaching garden, Gregory Lincoln is located in Houston's Fourth Ward and serves a student population where 40 percent are homeless, and 99 percent are economically disadvantaged. In partnership with Culinary Arts Teacher Kellie Karavias, Urban Harvest uses the garden as a resource for teaching core subjects while empowering students to make healthy choices. Thanks to teams from Snooze, Hyatt Regency, and Michelle Garcia and Associates in addition to individual volunteers, the garden's chicken coop area was renovated, while the orchard was weeded, pruned and mulched.


8. James Hogg Middle School

One of Urban Harvest's newest school garden partnerships located in Houston's Heights neighborhood, the garden was launched in October with three container beds and a wildlife habitat in need of renovation. A group of individual volunteers including students from University of Houston Downtown worked on general clean-up and mulching, in addition to sign-painting for the garden beds.


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