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Sow the seeds for a garden and you may be surprised at what grows alongside the vegetables and fruits. Little minds sprout and flourish. Friendships blossom. Communities thrive. Harvest the garden and it nourishes the body and mind, provides revenue, and instills respect for a greener, sustainable environment.

From this simple concept grew Urban Harvest, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with three hardworking programs at its core: Community Gardens, gardening and youth Education, and Farmers Markets. Urban Harvest inspires and empowers people of diverse backgrounds to grow and share healthy foods, in the process enriching the city we all call home.


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Basic Fruit Tree Care and Planting

Learn how to successfully plant and care for your fruit trees by the expert - Angela Chandler.

Saturday, January 20
9:30 a.m. - Noon

Click here for more details and registration.
- Low temperatures forecasted for Tuesday, 1/16, and Wed, 1/17, night.
Store your newly purchsed fruit trees indoors in a garage or covered on a patio, then return outside after the freeze.

Click here for tips on protecting your plants for this weeks' freezing temperatures.